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One box comprises of 6 bottles contain 10 ml organic additive. A bottle can be mixed with 70 liters fuel either gasoline or diesel. The usage can be more for better effect. Please fill in the nozzle before pumping your fuel or fill in before fueling. Ordinary filling is just wastage since it will dry in the fuel tank tube. Please measure the consumption before and after using the FillYouSaveUs. For bikers, a drop is meant for RM1.00 fuel.

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The first ORGANIC fuel saving in the world!!!

There are hundreds of fuel saver brand in market produced in developed countries due to their high fuel price. This fuel saver namely FillYouSaveUs formulated based on cosmological finding using diesel as its material. The diesel has been culture with enzymes produces by the microbes.

It is safe for all engines since it is also fuel in liquid form. The enzymes cultured in diesel able to further breakdown the lengthy fuel molecule, as a result it becomes smaller and lighter. This will enhance the flash point where consumption is minimized.

It is advisable for the fuel tank cap is seal (new rubber) to ensure no gas leakage. Otherwise it will end up with empty tank just within a week.

How to measure the saving?

  1. Filling full tank without FillYouSaveUs
  2. After run 100 km, search for petrol station
  3. Please fill in FillYouSaveUs and top up fuel until full tank
  4. The top up fuel amount is your consumption before using FillYouSaveUs
  5. After running the second 100 km, search for petrol station again
  6. Top up your fuel until full tank
  7. The second time top up amount is your fuel consumption after using FillYouSaveUs
  8. Compare the amount between the first time top up and the second one

Let’s save the world with about 40% savings and this first ORGANIC fuel saving in the world never harm the organic living thing including human, animal and trees.


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