Who We Are?

Our vision

To be the world leader in organic wellness solution

Our Mission

Empowerment of nation mastery to the world


Nusaraya Resources Sdn  Bhd has been established since May 2012 focusing on consultation and hospitality business mainly to capitalize rapid growth in Southern Malaysia. The business has been then diversified into manufacturing of organic drink after completion of study in Malay tradition medical treatment in collaboration with University Technology of Malaysia in 2016.

The study focused on the fermentation of honey bee was able to extract the microbes and enzymes of bee’s gut. The dormant microbes can be activated can the right combination timing – Sidereal Time and Molecular Geometry

Our Core Values

Exploration of options which drives right and the simplest decision
Ensure of the delivery of determined goals
Constant communication in ensuring people involvement
Effort, commitment and endurance to serve client at the level best Social Responsibility
Ethical practice, rules obedience and promote integrity

The experts in consumers, academician and history

Lunch discussion with Dato’ Nadzim, the President of Persatuan Pengguna Malaysia

Meeting with Dr Ramli, Prof Kamaruzzaman and Prof Suhila UKM in UTM Skudai

Bio-Science & Medical Engineering Faculty Lab with Prof Fahmy and Dr Amir

National Library – Dorf Datuk Zainal and Dato’ Nafisah- DG

Research Gathering


UTM Collaboration

Research collaboration with University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) began in early 2016 on microbes (micro-biology) ficusing on the Malays historical medicine practices – fermentation of honey bee.

The old Malays was famous with fermentation including food and dishes including vinegar. The vinegar has been produced from the nipah honey. In fact the cooked rice and tapioca are also been processed via fermentation.

The research has embarked the founder – Suhaini Mohammad to pursue Ph.D in Malays history since for further understand the fermentation technique.

Lastly, Suhaini has found the famous Malays icon, Sheikh Ahmad Al Fatani who expert in 47 knowledge fields including science, who wrote the book namely – Hadiqatul Azhar Warrayahin.

The book recorded indirectly the methods which is now scientist name them as Sidereal Time, Molecular Geometry and Chromo-therapy.

Surprisingly, the fermented material is honey bee!!!

British Publishing House

The British Wikipedia publisher – British Publishing House has identified us who has translated the science concept – Sidereal Time, Molecular Geometry and Chromo-therapy into ordinary drinking juice.

They claimed the implementation is part of the successful discovery of science as well as product where the honey bee has been fermented coupled with Roselle flower.

On the other hand, the finished good is contented with million of microbe species beside high anti-oxidant content and enzymes.

The Miracle Result

5.1 million microbe plat counts

Zero Chemical Content

Organic Energy

We Do Ourselves

Manufacturing License

Food Premise Registration


halal Certification

Ministry of Heath Certification

Falak Certification

British Publishing House Certification